Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was just realizing that I never posted anything about my placement, so here it is! I was super excited to finally find out a few weeks ago and to be able to answer some of the questions that everyone was asking me. I still don't know tons, I will find out more when I get down there, but this is what I know...

I will be one of the two YAGM volunteers who will be in Montevideo, Uruguay.  I will have 2 placements:  Nuestro Salvador, the one congregation that our companion church has in Uruguay, and Hogar Amanecer, an orphanage connected with the Methodist church on the outskirts of Montevideo.  I will live in my own room in a small student residence that is connected to Nuestro Salvador.  

Here is some more that my country coordinator Kate wrote:
Nuestro Salvador:  You will most likely be helping with activities of Nuestro Salvador 3 days a week.  This will include accompanying the congregation in all of its ministries such as Sunday service, Christian education, Bible studies, some administrative tasks, visits, homework help, and camps and recreational programs for kids and youth.  You will also be invited to participate in Nuestro Salvador’s diaconal project, MisiĆ³n San Juan, where the congregation offers Christian education and homework help to kids in a community on the outskirts of Montevideo.  You will also help to serve as a bridge between the congregation and the students who live in the residence where you will be living.

Hogar Amanecer:  Hogar Amanecer is an orphanage where approximately 30 kids live, about an hour bus ride from Nuestro Salvador.  You will most likely be there two days a week.  Some of your activities will include:  accompanying the children and staff in the everyday tasks at the home and enriching the home’s programming by organizing games, crafts, story-time, cooking projects, puppet shows, gardening projects, sports, and/ or outings.  More than activities, your presence is what will be most important for these kids.

I am really excited about my placements! Montevideo sounds like a great place to be and I am excited that there will be another YAGM (Kari) there also.  We will have different placements, but it will be nice to have her there to help process and debrief what we are going through.

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