Saturday, December 31, 2011

A surprise

Yesterday I got a surprise, I found a couple of lice in my hair.

Now be honest with me, what was your reaction when I said those words.  Disgust? Eww? Thoughts like, “I’m glad she’s not in my house” or “Maybe she should bathe more often” or “I wouldn’t want to touch her.” In the past I am sure that I have had some of these exact thoughts.  I certainly felt a little ashamed when I went to the drugstore to buy stuff to get rid of them.

I was a little nervous about how people would react when I told them I had lice. But I was shocked by how everyone reacted. My friends predictably were teasing me about it, but they still acted normally around me. We still greeted each other with a hug and a kiss on the check, even with the chance of some of my hair touching them. Instead of reactions of disgust from people at church, there were reactions of sympathy as well as sharing of home remedies to get rid of the lice.

Many of the kids I work with have lice right now and there is a good chance that I got it from them. But does this mean I am going to keep my distance from them now, not let them touch my hair? No. Because giving and accepting love from them is far more important to me then the annoyance of a few bugs crawling in my hair.

So here’s to a new year filled with love, and hugs, and laughter, and hopefully no more lice (but if a few come back to visit me then its not the end of the world).

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