Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life as a leaf

The wind is swirling all around her
the tree branches sway
the clothes on the line flutter, like a butterfly's wings
a single leaf blows by
and comes to rest by her side
as the wind blows
the leaf scuttles around
forward, then back
a pause, forward then back
unable to control its destiny
it continues to scuttle
when the wind pauses, it does too
all the while, the girl continues to watch
fascinated, where will the leaf go next
"oh to be a leaf" she thinks
"no cares in the world, simply floating along in the wind"
she imagines it for awhile
up in a tree, floating in the breeze
gently falling down to earth
a small child gleefully smashes the leaf with his toe
the leaf, unable to do anything must simply lie there and accept his fate
the girl ponders this for awhile
maybe the life of a leaf isn't so grand after all
maybe life, with all its crap and difficulties but also moments of glee, joy, happiness,
is worth the pain
"I can do something to change my situation,
I am not a leaf"
and so, she got up and walked off
in search of a friend, a hug, and some quality time together
and while she walked she though of the others
who hadn't yet realized that they are not leaves,
that they too can get up
and she felt a single tear roll down her cheek
she thought "I'm gonna help them to realize what they truly are,
God's querridos, created to live and to love"

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